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Thursday, March 10, 2005


um well. what's been going on that's cool i my life. not a whole lot. except for this
edited edited edited, never mind how i got this... blah blah blah

this is a photo album from the skull and bones society that i have come into possession of. there are no dates anywhere but i searched one of the names, john patton, who became a Senator from Michigan, and was a yale graduate in 1875. i didn't expect to find answers so fast.

anyways there like about 100 some images in the book. here are some of them.

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the skull and bones society.

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this is the back side of that photograph...with names

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this is apparently john patton. most of the book is photos like these, there are about 50 of them. note the skull and bones tie pin

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this is the base ball team

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this is some of the professors.

so my friend anne stole this from her dad, and then she borrowed it to me, and then moved to new york without getting it back, then my friend scott had it for a few years, now i have it again, and I am scanning it all in and planing on making a duplicate of the book for myself so i can give the origional back to her, but apparently she dosen't want it anymore.
this will probably turn into a larger more obcessive project.