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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

my sunday so far

wake up at 12.

eat bowl of Flintstones strawberry iced fruity pebbles, wonder why i gave them a chance in the first place, infinitely inferior to original in both color(washed out and pale looking like if you removed the magenta layer in a cmyk photo of original FP) and taste(taste sort of like original with strange added flavor vaguely reminiscent of freshly cut grass)

shower. dress one's self.

watch pretty much every thing that shows up when you search California raisins on
particularly enjoy home made stop motion video made with old video camera and free hardey's California raisin figures to the tune of 'big girls don't cry"
after chuckling subsides Briefly stop and think of billions of starving dieing people in the third world, and remember that goggle paid 1.6 billion for this.
and that you spend your days off watching it.

stare at unfinished drawing and think about combing your hair and putting socks on.
remember that Balzak wrote 85 novels in only 20 years.
would my Life be better without computers?

on to the comics Journal Message board, engage in discussion of will eisner's Character Ebony White and time warner media conglomerate and it's shady copyright holdings for various characters, eventually discussion digresses to Wolverine VS Hulk.
take Hulk's side.


ok i have to stop now and do something productive with the rest of the day, draw my comic, do my laundry, comb my hair.
engage in some less degrading activity that will contribute to the betterment of my life..

Exciting day yesterday at Big Brain Comics;

a bird got inside of the store.

need i say more? it'll let your imaginations fill in the rest.

here is some laffs
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