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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TCAF report!

Behold! The Intrepideers in comic book form!


Ballad of the Intrepideers Drawn by me and Written by me and Kelly Krantz!


The Intrepideers and the brothers of blood By Tim Sievert, you may have read it online but now it exists in paper form!

so Tim and me and Tom K just got back from Toronto. after 2 long 18 hour drives, I really wish that place was closer. not only was it my first time at TCAF but my first time in Canada. We Yanks have a lot to learn from Canada about 24 hour availability of Donuts. Toronto felt to me like the perfect combination of medium sized city and big city. it seemed like what we Minneapolitans would like our city to be. retaining the unique traits and laid back character of a medium sized city but having lots and lots of people able to support lots of things and businesses like big cities can.
we stayed at the Hyatt regency hotel and when we showed up haggard and half dead to check in we felt very out of place for such a swanky modern designed hotel. TS and I both commented that it was the kind of place our freind Mary O'Regan would have loved. I had a fantastic time at TCAF and a fantastic time in Toronto. TCAF was held inside of the large 4 story gugenheimian Toronto reference library. it was free to the public and I think the other Indy type comic conventions should follow this model, as it brought in a shit load of people. not only that but the staff was amazing,I was worried about making change and how many trips to the ATM I might need to make, but the convention staff went to the length of walking around breaking change for people, and offering to watch your table if you needed to leave for a minute. unheard of at an American convention. also thanks to Chris Butcher and Peter Birkmoe of the Beguiling, Toronto's finest comic book store for doing such a good job setting up this show and for providing free food at the super fun after party. While Tim was at the Top Shelf table Tom, myself and Mike Dawson set up our own table, we got to meet lots of super excellent people sold comic books and had a very good time.
TCAF was one of the best conventions I've been to and I hope to go back next time.
anyways as you all know I never ever take photos on any of my travels, but this time we had Tom K along, and he did take photos, so for once you may see what I saw, or what Tom's camera saw. prepare to see photos of Comic book people who you may or may not know, and the throngs of Toronto's comic book enthusiasts.


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