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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

sketchbook drill core sample

so this post is about my sketch books. a few years back I worked for this paper company. the place is basically a giant warehouse filled with paper and paper products. it made me want to draw all the time. during slow the moments as well as very busy times when I should have been diligently working, I would slack off and draw.
but I couldn't keep a regular sketch book in my pocket, not even one of these kind of small little ones. it was too bulky. and why would I?
I was surrounded by all these different types and colors of paper.
so I made these little 16 page pocket sketch books out of whatever materials were around, often decorating them with whatever samples of sticker stock were also laying around work.
I kept one in my pocket at all times and when I finished one I'd make another. I still like and have kept doing this with paper I find. it's fun for me to make books and to switch things up and draw on florescent pink paper once in awhile.
I wouldn't want to have to do that for 120 pages. Moleskine are nice and I love them but I could never exclusively use those. these days I wouldn't want to draw on only white paper for that many pages either.
however, it might be kind of pointless to talk about paper color when the samples I am showing today actually were all drawn on white.
I feel like there is something that lets me be more free and less precious with a folded and stapled mini sketch book. anyways, here is a drill core sample of my sketch book glacier. these are from winter 2007. there is definitely a running theme of vomit, but then again I've kind of had a lifetime love of drawing vomit. I believe we have here is possibly one of the first ever drawings of my character in the Intrepideers, Grimace Grimezone, as well as another one of my dungeons and dragons characters; Ganglion the Grim.



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These sketchbook drawings are fantastic!

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